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- Teamspeak Server has been SHUTDOWN. See Forum TeamSpeak thread for details to get into out new Discord Chatroom setup by Drifter007.
- DFA WARP SERVICE is now available see Forum Trades and Services (Members) for details.
- The BANK is an active list of all items in society pool. If you request an item, issue a want request and I (K-Max) will get back to you on delivery of the item and on the amount of funds you have. You can also check the DFAP google sheet to see how many DFA Point funds you have accrued so far.
- DFA 60/40 even December Data sheet
- DFA 60/40 event Jan 2018

Welcome to Don't Feed The Animals (DFA)

Welcome to the DFA Social Website. I hope you find this a useful tool in learning about Social Events, Missions and just a friendly place to share ideas on how to play Entropia Universe.

We are a team that works together in helping each of us find ways of being successful in Entropia Universe. So we encourage all to share and help out when possible.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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Cool Buckwild Fly / Mar 14, 2018
Register Here to Invest

MindArk’s vision is to create a global ecosystem for the exchange and sale of intellectual property and digital assets on the IPX. With plans to establish the world's first real-world bank to hold its capital in a digital currency, MindArk will be well positioned as a custodian of this ecosystem, while also pursuing additional research and development in deep technologies.

DeepToken holders will immediately benefit from the consumption of tokens used for transactions within Entropia Universe, which has over 3 million registered accounts; as well as over 70,000 currently available assets which will be introduced into the IPX by MindArk and existing partners.


  • Development of the IPX including Entropia Universe Development - 50 %
  • Marketing and PR - 25%
  • Business Development (B2B) - 5%
  • Legal and Regulatory - 5%
  • Token Offering Costs (Advisors and Enablers) - 10%
  • Contingency Fund - 5%


  • Token Sale - 80%

  • Capital Buffer - 20%

Register Here to Invest
Cool Buckwild Fly / Dec 22, 2017

Following the huge success of Arkadia Underground Deeds which have seen consistently strong daily payouts and over 60% in capital gain since launch, Arkadia Studios is pleased to announce a new opportunity for investing in Entropia Universe

Arkadia Moon Deeds represent an opportunity to participate in the growth of Arkadia with a brand new moon to be located within Arkadia's Space.

Travel between Arkadia and the moon will done by Space vehicle. The moon will be released in game by 3rd Quarter 2018.

A Total of 200,000 Arkadia Moon Deeds are now available exclusively via Entropia Universe web-store for 60 PED (6 USD) and an opportunity exists to purchase deeds at a discount rate over the coming months starting at a low price of only 50 PED.

The 200,000 Deeds equals 100% of the Moon land area and the Area will be managed by Arkadia Studios.
Tax Revenue from the Arkadia Moon will be distributed automatically to deed holders on a daily basis via the PED flow center after the Moon launch and the moon will have a fixed tax percentage of 5%.

Arkadia Moon Deeds will not be tradable in game until all deeds are sold.


8km x 8km (64 sq KM) of newly designed terrain.
High Stakes mining.
7 Brand new and exclusive Creatures.
Adventure based and progressive missions.
Special IFN and Smuggler missions connecting in with Planet Arkadia activity.

Discount Schedule:

Sales date till 30 Jan : 50 PED
1 - 28 Feb : 52.5 PED
1 - 31 March : 55 PED
1 - 30 April : 57.5 PED
1 May onward : 60 PED